Want to hear something that makes Korra’s insecurity about being replaced by the Air Nation even worse?

All her life, Korra’s associated being the Avatar with fighting. She was basically raised to be a weapon to use against the evildoers of the world, and the world’s refusal to let her be that…

Well…paradoxically being stuck on a wheelchair for a while may help Korra in terms of better understanding diplomacy and spiritual leadership side of avatarhood. As it was shown in season 3 she can be good at it - she just didn’t rely on it up until now. I don’t know if there’sa chance for it (with conflict in earth kingdom apparently escalating) but I would love to see avatar put in a role of actual diplomat (not a bridge but a guide) between spirits and humans. We’ve seen spirits starting to inhabit humans world anew but we still don’t know how actual relations between humans and spirit look like  (aside from Misty Palm Oasis where it seems to be pretty symbiotic). And did some people actually even crossed the portals since HC? Anyway - it would be awesome if Korra could develop some strategic skills during her recovery time. 

About reposting and reblogging

I know it’s a recurring subject on tumblr but since from time to time I receive some messages letting me know that someone reposted my art I decided to share my view on it. 

First of all I want to say that I really appreciate you for caring :) I’m not some popular tumblr artist so definitely I never expect that some of you inform me if such a thing happens. Thank you!

So let’s go back to subject.

I, as probably most artists out there, don’t particulary like when I find somewhere my work by accident and I didn’t know anything about it being reposted (that’s the case of not only tumblr but instagram, pinterest etc…). So prefelably I’d LOVE if people who put my art somewhere would just send me short notification about it.

BUT, I’m ok if my art is reposted and properly credited (there’s a reason why I put that address of my blog on most of my works). 

However I’m not so ok if my work is cropped and claimed as someone elses. When it comes to fan art I’m usually more calm about it (but just as sad). But when it comes to my original art I usually go berserk and take some actions.

With fan art generally I don’t even bother if some teenager on the other side of the globe post it without crediting (ok - if I know I may send some note) - Internet is just too big to control everything. Besides there’s no point to waste life on getting frustrated about that (the other reason is because I myself don’t own copyright to characters I used). But I’d definitely would be bothered if said person tried to sell it ;)

So, concluding this pretty long rant: I’m creating some fan art pieces for yours and for mine pleasure.

Reblogging is a great tool and it’s preferable but I’m ok with reposting as long as I’m credited properly and my work is not cropped. I’m generally just content when people enjoy it enough to post it somewhere ;)